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			     Hero Of Love - Live



A F B7 I caught a glimpse of heaven last night to the A F B7 left of your body to the right of your mind A F B7 lost in a riddle I was helpless to understand A F B7 I went to a healer, the healer Held my hand G she said... all of these things A are written in the sand… Bm behind me! CHORUS G D A Bm Oh! I dream about you every night G D I call your name the whole world A Bm thinks that I am insane G D here I come again, A Yeah… G E7 Repeat Verse Repeat Chorus BRIDGE G e7/E G Oh! Playing the hero of love takin' you higher G e7/E G I wanna be your hero of love is it gettin' better E7/e G is it gettin' brighter? I wanna be your hero E7 Your hero of love * * Then repeat verse chords until the song completely fades out, * *
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