Live – Dam At Otter Creek tab

 I got this from a friend and I think it is pretty accurate. This riff
 is played most of the way through the song. All strings are tuned down
 a half step.

eb|-----------------------------------------| Bb|-----------------------------------------| Gb|-----7-----7---9---10--9--7--------------| Db|----------------7--------------7---------| Ab|-----9-----------------------------------| Eb|--7-----7------7------------------0------|
Lyrics: When all that's left to do is reflect on what's been done this is where sadness breathes the sadness of everyone Just like when the guys built the dam at Otter Creek and all the water backed up deep enough to dive We took the dead man in sheets to the river flanked by love deep enough to dive deep enough to dive be here now We took him three and three in a stretcher made of trees that had passed in the storm leave the hearse behind to leave the curse behind be here now
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