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Mirror Song

Performed By: LIVE
From the Album: "Mental Jewelry"
Lyrics Written By: Edward Kowalczyk
Music Written By:  LIVE

Comments, questions, corrections, requests welcome

Eb(D#) Tuning (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb) Low to High
              (D# G# C# F# A# d#) Low to High

Chords Used In Order of Appearence
(Low to High):

Emaj  | 0 2 2 1 0 0
*Emaj | 0 14 14 13 0 0

A/E   | 0 7 7 6 0 0

A     | 0 0 2 2 2 0

C#min | x 4 6 6 5 4

B     | x 2 3 3 3 x

G#    | x x 1 1 1 4
*G#   | 0 6 6 5 0 0

*During intro and verse: guitar 1 plays an Emaj (open), A (open) progression
                         guitar 2 plays an *Emaj (alternate), A/E progression


E / A (x4)

Verse 1:
(Played twice)

Emaj  A                   Emaj             A
    I know that I should       think about giving and

            Emaj         A                  Emaj             A
think about      helping out and think about     think about living

    Emaj      A       Emaj               A             Emaj A (x2)
But I.............         Can't seem to rescue myself

Chorus 1:

                  C#min                A    B      Emaj
But what about my bank account, and my holy desert shield?

             G#                A
They keep my dry under the arms

B                                Emaj
Flags and mental jewelry's all I know

                *G#              *Emaj
and they keep me happy and warm inside

(End with strumming *Emaj once)

(Repeat Intro)

Verse 2:

     Emaj           A                     Emaj              A       Emaj A x2
So I said unto this man "who are you, and where do you come from?"

       Emaj              A                    Emaj        A         Emaj A x2
And he proceeded to tell me many, many, many, many, many, many, many things

           Emaj         A      Emaj A (x3)
But I said nothing at all

        Emaj             A                                     Emaj A
For the flower in the corner by the room in the window and the sun

        Emaj A (x2)
Said it all

(Repeat Chorus 1)


Note: May not be totally correct, as the picking part is difficult to pick out
(* Strum once, first time only)

* Aeb|------------0---------------------------0--------0--------0--------------|Bb|------------2------------------------2-----2--------2--------2-----------|Gb|------------2---------------------2-----------2--------2--------2--------|Db|------------2------------------2-----------------------------------2-----|Ab|------------0---------------0--------------------------------------------|Eb|------------0------------------------------------------------------------|At least they said they would Said they could Mama said they would Do me good
(End with strumming A once) (Repeat Intro) (Repeat Verse 1 once) END
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