Live - Forever May Not Be Long Enough chords


Here's Forever by Live. 
This might not be 100% correct.
Timing might be slightly off in places.
But this is just about it. Have fun!


A2 Em F# AOhhh, Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhhhhhhh.
A2 Em F# ALooking for desert rain in the corners of my mind
A2 Em F# AFeelin' so far away from the source of love divine
A2 EmTwo travelers on the road
F# AJust a book of secrets and trouble on every side
A2 Em Keep holdin my hand tonight
F# A F#As we face this furnace something tells me
A F#That we can run from these flames
AOr we can stand together in faith
A2 EmForever and ever
F# Dsus2The darker the night the brighter the dawn
A2 EmForever and ever
F# Dsus2I’ll stay here with you til the end of the storm.. to the end of the storm
A2 Em F# ABabe look where we’ve come from, look what we’ve been through
A2 Em F# A Remember the times we were spared, we didn’t know what to do
A2 Em F# A F#The enemy’s at the door, and here we are again déjà vu
A F#Now we can run from this place
AOr we can stand together in faith
F# Em Dsus2Troubled times they will come
F#With vengeance and spite in their eyes
Em Dsus2But Love's will be done
A2 Em F# AForever, and ever.
A2 Em F# AForever, and ever.
End on A2.
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