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Live – Graze chords

"Graze" by +Live+
from the album Secret Samadhi
transcribed by Andy Adelewitz (

Tune down 1/2 step

Chords used:

F#m E5 A5 F5 D5 G5 BmEb|-2----0-------------------------2---|Bb|-2----0-------------------------3---|Gb|-2----x---------10----7---------4---|Db|-4----2----7----10----7----5----4---|Ab|-4----2----7----8-----5----5----2---|Eb|-2----0----5---------------3--------|
Verse: F#m E5 lick as drums come in:
Heavy part:
A5 F5 (8th fret) D5 In the early mornin' cut her down...
A5 G5 F#mWe came to the earth to graze
A5 G5 F#mEveryone's digging in
A5 G5 DNow there's no time to live
Lick throughout second verse:
The world must be ending, because Chad actually does guitar solos on this album. Transcribing solos is not my forte; just go off in F#m pentatonic and you'll be fine.
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