Living Children – Crystalize Your Mind tab

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Date: Tue, 5 Nov 1996 07:08:29 -0500
From: Craig Carlson 
Subject: TAB/CRD: The Living Children "Crystalize Your Mind"

     Crystalize Your Mind
     The Living Children

     Sick of Scott MacKenzie? Here's a little cautionary tale from 1967
     that you can find on `Crystalize Your Mind' part of the `Nuggets of
     the Golden State' series on Big Beat records. Recorded and produced by
     the melifuously named Leo de Gar Kulka in San Francisco.

     Main Riff (repeat throughout, except for bridges):

|-----------------------------------| |-----------------------------------| |-------3h4p3h4p3-------------------| |-----------------------------------| |-----5-------------1h3--1--3--1----| |-s3--------------------------------|
Verse I: There's a place called Haight I know, yeah, 'Cause everybody's told me so, yeah, Crsytalize Your Mind with an empty heart, 'Cause tryin' it little baby's been tearin' me apart right now, Bridge One: A C I tried and I tried, D F I tried and I tried, Drum break, back to Main Riff. Keep you walkin' by my side today, Cause you can't get back there no other way, Keep on droppin', baby gonna blow your mind, Things you're droppin' are keepin you far behind, Bridge Two: [A C] [D F] [A C] [D F] Drum break, [A C] [D F] Repeat Verse I and fade. Notes: That hammer-on-pull-off bit in the riff is just a little fluttering thing on the 3rd and 4th frets of the G string; there must be a name for it, but I don't know what it is. Tab/Chord interpretation by Craig Carlson email with corrections etc: (or)
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