Lmnt - Hey Juliet tab version 2

This riff is used throughout the song always during the verse and chorus

D D A A Ge----------------------------|b----------------------------|g--7----7--------------------|d--7----7-7----7-5-----------| Then to get that dj rubbing sound youa--5----5-7----7-5-----------|E---------5----5-3-----------| can rub your strings with the side of your hand
A D A De------------------------------|b------------------------------|g------------7--------------7--| This isn't perfect but it's more or lessd-----7----7----------7---7----| accuratea---7----5----------7---5------|E-5---------------5------------|
D A G Ae------------------------------|b------------------------------| X2g--7---------------------------|d--7----7----5----5------------| Timing's tricky listen to the song for ita--5----7----5----5------------|E-------5----3----7------------|
After the bridge everything slides up one fret (key change)
Main Riff becomes: D# D#A# A#G#e----------------------------|b----------------------------|g--8----8--------------------|d--8----8-8----8-6-----------|a--6----6-8----8-6-----------|E---------6----6-4-----------|
Not Perfect but the main riff is definitely right, and you play that through most of the song sooo hope you enjoy it.
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