Lobo – Id Love You To Want Me tab

 Ok, here are the real chords for this song, too easy to play, enjoy.
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This is for you honeyto.

Chords used:  

Bb Cm E#2 B e|-6----8----8----0-|B|-6----8----8----0-|G|-5----8---10----8-|D|-8---10---10----9-|A|-8---10----8----9-|E|-6----8----8----7-|
Verse 1: Bb When I saw you standing there Cm I about fell off my chair E#2 F# When you moved your mouth to speak Bb I felt the blood go to my feet Verse 2: Bb Now it took time for me to know Cm What you tried so not to show E#2 F# Something in my soul just cried Bb I see the want in your blue eyes Chorus : Bb Cm Baby, I'd love you to want me E#2 F# The way that I want you Bb The way that it should be Bb Cm Baby, you'd love me to want you E#2 F# The way that I want to Bb If you'd only let it be Bb You told yourself years ago Cm You'd never let your feelings show E#2 F# The obligation that you made Bb For the title that they gave Repeat chorus Repeat verse 2 Repeat chorus
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