Local H - Fritzs Corner tab


Hi this is my tab. enjoy!Fritz's Corner by Local H

Tabbed by: Daniel Orosz

	First off this song is REAL easy to play.  Really it's just power
chords.  It was kinda fun tabbing this because I figured it out and
tabbed it in about... five min.  This is my first tab so if you have any
suggestions or comments email me at guitarjam@juno.com.

Intro: (head banging part)

 E  ----------------------------------------
 B  ----------------------------------------
 G  ----------------------------------------
 D  --11-11---------------------------------
A --11-11--------------------------------- repeat until the verse.... E --9--9----------------------------------
E ----------------------------------------------------------------- B ----------------------------------------------------------------- G ------------14-14-14-14------------------------------------------ D --11-11-11--14-14-14-14--14-14-14-14--12-12-12-12---------------- A --11-11-11--12-12-12-12--14-14-14-14--12-12-12-12---------------- E --9--9--9----------------12-12-12-12--10-10-10-10----------------
Fill 1 (played before the first verse) ~~~~ E -------------------------------- B -------------------------------- G -------------------------------- D -------------------------------- A --/14\-------------------------- E -------------------------------- Fill 2 (played the third time before the first verse)
Pick Slides E ---------------------------------------------------------------- B ---------------------------------------------------------------- G ---------------------------------------------------------------- D --/XXXXXXXXXXXXXX----------------------------------------------- A --/XXXXXXXXXXXXXX----------------------------------------------- E --/XXXXXXXXXXXXXX-----------------------------------------------
The solo part... Well its self explanatory. It's just two guitars playing as many strings as they can and moving there your fingers really fast. Daniel Orosz Guitarjam@juno.com I was here, now I'm gone.... 8-)
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