Local H - Copasetic tab

Local H- Copasetic (Not "So Pathetic")

Tuning is a Half-Step Down

INTRO/VERSES/OUTRO (Clean): (this is where choruspicks up on the last riff repeat) ^e|------------|-----------------|-----------|--------|----------|B|------------|-----------------|-----------|--------|----------|G|------------|-----------------|-----------|--------|----------|D|--8--8--8-8-|-8--6-8--8-8-8-6-|-8--8--8-8-|-8--6-8-|-8-9-8-6--|A|--6--6--6-6-|-6--6-6--6-6-6-6-|-6--6--6-6-|-6--6-6-|-6-6-6-6--|E|------------|-----------------|-----------|--------|----------|
It kicks into distortion at the beginning of the the chorus, and goes back clean at the verse. CHORUSES:
SOLO: (Solo lasts all the the way through the last chorus until the outro- it's kinda hard to it during the chorus though)
Remember- all verses, the intro/outro, and choruses in this song are the same. Also, listening to the chorus of the song, you can hardly hear the guitar- what you hear most is bass, which for some reason is actually more complex. Anyways, I hope this tab helps. The whole song goes in this order: Intro/Verse I: 6X Chorus I: 2X Verse II: 4X Chorus II: 6X Solo: 16X (Last 8 times are though the last chorus) Chorus III: 4X Outro: 2X (The outro cuts off at the end the same way the verse does) Well, that's it- Thank you for reading, Goose
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