Local Natives – Wide Eyes tab

This is a really good song I just hope you can understand my explanation
Ok so there's a few parts of the song I figured out from a video on youtube,
the one where they play in a museum. If you look closely you'll be able to
see Ryan play the finger picking part from 1:34 to 1:43.

Well here is the 4 parts I figured out of Wide Eyes!

finger picking part...well most of it:e|-----2-----2-----2-----2-----2-----2-----2-----2--------|B|-------3-----3-----3-----3-----3-----3-----3-----3------|G|---------4-----------4-----------4-----------3----------|D|---4-----------0-----------2-----------4----------------|A|--------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------| * right here if where it gets iffy if anyone can figure it out do tell
Bass part on Acoustic (not official but I though it sounded good)e|--------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------|G|--------------------------------------------------------|D|---0(h)5555-7(s)22(s)99---------------------------------|A|----------------------0(h)22222-44(s)55-----------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------|(h) means hammer, (s) means slide (I don't know symbols)
The little tune played in the background of the song in some parts:e|---5(s)7--------------------------------|B|---------7(s)10-------------------------|G|----------------7(s)11------------------|D|-----------------------9(s)7------------|A|----------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------|
chords: ?1: 242222 ?2: 353333 Bm: 224432 G: 320033 Em: 022000 *just a little note: I sometimes like to keep my fingers on the B and e when switching to the Em and then pulling them off half way, just sounds different. G Oh some evil spirit, Em Bm,?1(s)?2 ---and that just repeats Oh some evil this way comes. They told me how they fear it, Now they're placing it on their tongues. Oh to see it with my own eyes. Oh to see it with my own eyes. No food or water, For the better part of ten months. Quietly he sat, Beneath the folds of a tree trunk. Oh to see it with my own eyes. Oh to see it with my own eyes. (I'm not sure about the solo parts) All the men of faith, And men of science, have their questions. Could it ever be on Earth, as it is in heaven? Oh to see it with my own eyes. Oh to see it with my own eyes. please leave comments! p.s I'll be putting up World News and Cards and Quarters sometime after I put up a cover on Youtube. Oh! my Youtube is also jvapa I have some videos of a show the local natives did and a video of me meeting them check them out if you'd like!
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