Loeb Lisa – Do You Sleep tab ver. 2


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   *** SONG: Do You Sleep   Author: Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories ***
             *** Album: Tails off of Geffen Records  ***
           *** Transcriber: Adam Rogoyski apoc@laker.net ***

      Do you Sleep by Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories off the Tails album and
      the Purple accoustic tape.  I'm pretty sure both are identical.
      I had a little bit of help doing this from the Piano music.  Some
      Of the chords didn't sound right, and During live performances I
      have seen I tried my best to figure out what is being played.  whatever.

C#5    x46600
F#     244322
E      022100
Esus   022200
G      355400  Open stringed chord
A(open)577600  Open stringed chord
B      799800  Open stringed chord
E(open)079900  Open stringed chord
A      x02220
Asus   x02200
A#4    x02240
C#m    x46654
F#m7   x42222
G#m7   x64444

F# A Asuse----------------0-----------------2--2-xx--2----0--0-xx-0-------------------B----------0------------------0----2--2-xx--2----2--2-xx-0-------------------G-------------6-----6---------6----3--3-xx--3----2--2-xx-2-------------------D-------6--------------6------6----4--4-xx--4----2--2-xx-2-------------------A----4-----------------------------4--4-xx--4----0--0-xx-0-------------------E------------------------5--5------2--2-xx--2-------------------------------- (right here the electrit guitar just appegiates the F# and Asus chords).
Here Play the G and A chords as open stringed chords G 355400 and A 577600 But with a normal E chord And also the B, E and A pattern as open chords E 079900 and B 799800 and A 577600 E G A I saw you as you walked across my room. You looked out the window you G E Esus E G A looked at the moon. And you sat on the corner of my bed, and you smoked G E Esus E B E B with the ghost in the back of my head. Now I don't know, and I don't care, E B A B E B E B E B if I ever will see you again. I don't know, and I don't care if I ever will A B be there, oh...... (from here go back to the Appegiated riff fromt he begging and do that again, then proceed with these chords) A#4 C#m A#4 C#m You kick my foot under the table. I kick you back; I can't say I'm able A#4 C#m G#m7 A A#4 C#m to stand for you or fall for you ever a gain. Wish for a perfect setting? A#4 C#m A#4 C#m G#m7 A Wishing that I am letting you take me where you want me all over again? F#m7 G#m7 C#m7 F#m7 G#m7 C#m ? A E B You can't give your self absolutely to some one else. And i don't know E B E B A B E B E And I don't care if I ever will see you again. I don't know, and I don't B E B A B E G A care if I ever will be there. I saw you as you walked across my room. G E Esus E You looked out the window, you looked at the moon. And you sat on the G A G E Esus E corner of my bed, and you smoked with the ghost in the back of my head. (from here it's back to the begging verse again followed by the opening intro to end the song with a C#5 open chord x46600 .) That's it. I am Adam Rogoyski. email: apoc@laker.net apoc@tab.com
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