Lofgren Nils – Shine Silently tab

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Subject: CRD: Nils Lofgren "Shine Silently"

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Nils Lofgren?s ?Shine Silently?.
|C | G | Am | F7 | C | C G | Csus4 C| C |

(verse 1)
C                             G
Just another room, just another town
Am                                F7
same old crazy people, hangin? around.
        | Csus4 C | Gsus4 G | Csus4 C |
Still you Shine                    Silently
C                                  G
Strarin? down in space, comin? down alone,
Am                                F7
feel like packin? all my bags, headin? home.
         | Csus4 C | Gsus4 G | Csus4 C | C
Still you Shine      Silently

C7           | C7sus4 C7 | F Fm
Shi--------ine              silently
             | F C |            C         | F G | G9   Am G/B|
I don?t need no light, in the darkness
C7           | C7sus4 C7 | F D
Shi--------ine               silently
         C                                       | G9 G |
No I won?t get lost while your love shines on me
|G9 G |
shines on me.

C G Am F7 C | C G| Csus4 C | C

(verse 2)
People at the door, people on the phone,
Same old story no time of my own
Still you shine, silently
Nothin? left to say, nothin? left to prove
When it?s said and done there?s nothin? left but you, babe
Shine silently.

(chorus twice, second time insturmental)



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