Loggins And Messina - Lahaina tab

Lahaina by Loggins & Messina
Tabbed by John Lofgren orlando fl.  jlofgren@cfl.rr.com

G    D    C
do do do .....
i was sitting at a table on an open bay
c                     g
waiting for drink of rum

when i asked my waiter for the time of day
she said look out there's a centipede coming your way
in lahaina, the sugar kane grow
in lahaina, the living is slow
     G          C
in lahaina, the mangos are sweet
G                               D
but the centipede he crawls all over your feet 

i was lying by the water in the morning sun
shaded by a coconut tree
when i turned around it was all i could see
there was great big centipede staring at me


i had only just a second to decide what to do
while looking at his poisonous fangs
when i said i thought it was a beautiful day
he said "wow mr hall i think your push(ll?)ing my leg"

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