London Anderson - Acoustic Affair chords

"Acoustic Affair"

Capo on 1st


Amaj, Dm/E x3

Verse 1:
Amaj Dm/EThe picture frame's been empty for quite some time.
Amaj Dm/EI still think of you more than I would like.
Amaj Dm/EDon't spare a passing glance or dare call out my name.
Amaj Dm/EThe very thought of it is driving me insane.
Refrain 1:
Amaj Dm/E AmajI miss you but I really miss what we had.
Dm/EI need you but I really need what we had.
A Dm Asus2/E I wanna be your acoustic affair.
A Dm The reason you dream of "what ifs".
A Dm Asus2/EI wanna be your acoustic affair.
A DmBut baby, life's not fair.
Repeat intro. Verse 2: I know it's been said and it's been over sung. But fate's cruel, heartless, and a loaded gun. Don't pull the trigger now, I can do it on my own. I'm a big girl so watch me sink into the unknown. Refrain 2: I see you but I don't see the one I love. I touch you only 'cuz I feel unloved. Repeat Chorus and Intro. Bridge: Can you take me and mold me into that girl I was before you threw me into this harsh, harsh world? Your lies always sound better the first time. So stop singing them to other girls, they were mine. Repeat chorus I wanna be your acoustic. x3 Repeat intro.
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