London Anderson - Because Because chords


"Because Because"

Am, F, C, G x2

Verse 1:
Am FThey'll feed you lines,
CCall you "bella, sunshine".
GMake it seem like you're there
To spout those lines.
Am FThey wear what's her's
CHe whispers them to me
GAnd they could be yours.
GIt's just a break down and
FIt happens all the time. x2
Am F CBecause, Because
GYour words still haunt me.
Am F CThis circle keeps going 'round
GAnd you're causing me insanity.
Am FWith you life's a prison.
C GBuild me up, see you good riddance.
Am F C GI can't take this again.
Repeat Intro. Verse 2: Maybe someday I'll get it right. Stop eating your words and live by mine. Look in the mirror and find some peace, Burn your letters down and maybe get some sleep. Way to lure me into your trap Tell me I'm loved, Don't use me like that. Repeat refrain and chorus. Bridge:
G FI know what you're thinking.
C AmThinking I'm just a pawn.
G FWell here's a newsflash
Young mystery.
C Am~~~~~~You cannot break me.
(Am, F, C, G)You cannot break me.
You cannot break me. You can't break what's already broken. Repeat Chorus. I can't take this again. Dear heart, Dear heart. Dear heart stop lying.
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