Long Addiction - Day Surrender tab

Written by Paul Curtis-Harper & Matt Bell
Music by Long Addiction
Copyright© - 2001-2002 Long Addiction All Rights Reserved


This is played through once for the intro and twice for the verse G Cadd9 I used to sit around by myself, wishing i was somebody else Em7 Cadd9 Trying so hard to find where i fit in G Well the night is young but we're too old, Cadd9 Will we ever do what we're told Em7 Cadd9 Live for the day that's all they'd say to me BRIDGE
F B7 Em Where do you go when you need to find the time F B7 Em D Where do you go when it's all that's on your mind_________ CHORUS
e--3--3-3----2--2-2----0--0-0----1--1-1--0--0-0--b--3--3-3----3--3-3----0--0-0----1--1-1--1--1-1--g--0--0-0----2--2-2----0--0-0----2--2-2--0--0-0--d--0--0-0----0--0-0----2--2-2----3--3-3--2--2-2--a--2--2-2--------------2--2-2----3--3-3--3--3-3--E--3--3-3-x2--------x2-0--0-0-x2-1--1-1---------- x2
G You live and the day surrender's D You fight when you know you cannot win F C Your bringing me down to begin again baby INTRO VERSE - 2 this is the same as verse 2 except for a slight variation in the vocal's BRIDGE CHORUS OUTRO - this is the same chords as the chorus but is only played through once G D Em Baby now, baby now, baby now F C G Bringing me down to begin again baby now That's all for this one kids, just chord's mostly with that picking at the begining. Until next time
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