Long Addiction – Never Say No tab



e-------------------------------------------------------b-------------------------------------------------------g-------------------------------------------------------d--22222222-44444444-5555-7777-22222222-----------------a--22222222-44444444-5555-7777-22222222-----------------E--00000000-22222222-3333-5555-00000000----------------- x2
This is the rhythem guitar intro and verse section E F# G A E Now's the time to decide what you want to do In this life, now's the time and it's up to you
e--0--------2--------3----5----0------------------------b-------------------------------------------------------g-------------------------------------------------------d-------------------------------------------------------a-------------------------------------------------------E------------------------------------------------------- x2
This section is the intro lead guitar part CHORUS
This section is played through once only for each chorus A B Ab There's a place where we can go to rest our bone's A E F# A And all i know today, what you say, what you say______ You know you'll never say no VERSE - 2 Same chord's as verse 1 To the fear's, to the tears that are in your eye's If you know what i know then you'll be satisfied CHORUS VERSE - chords only - no vocals CHORUS VERSE - 3 Listen up to the words that i feel inside The way i feel about you now you know i cannot hide CHORUS OUTRO This is the same as the intro with both rhythem and lead guitar Playing at the same time
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