Long Beach Dub Allstars – Rosarito chords


GWell I drove down south to heaven
D if you know what I mean
C A#If I had to do it over
F F# GI wouldn't change a thing
G DOh lord, take me down to Mexico
C A#Rosarito
F F# GBaja California
G DGoin to school and workin on the weekends
C A# F F# G I've finally saved enough to buy a car
G Got some bros out there
DWe're going surfing
C A# F F# GBut you know that I'll be chillin at the bar
BmTwo shots of tequila
My skin is turnin red Everything is just beautiful till
E D CIt popped into my head
BmLife is good
Life is fun
E D CBut it isn't that way for everyone
GAsked that kid for chiclets
DTen sombreros on his head
C A#Selling blankets, knives, and jewelry
F F# GTo keep a roof above his bed, lord
G D C A# F F# GTake me down to Mexico, Rosarito, Baja California
G D C A# F F# GOhh lord, take me down to Mexico, Rosarito, Baja California
G DThings you said last night down by the fire side
C A# F F# GDidn't seem to mean much the next day
GA bottle rocket blew up
DA bunch of people threw up
C A# F F# GI looked at my man Eeno and this is what he said
BmThey say life is good and they say life is fun
Bit it sure ain't that way for everyone well I crossed the border just to change my scene
E D Cand I will keep ... (unknown lyric)
Down here at the border where the money's like green Tequila, beer, exstasy, and mescaline One thing remains true, the water's still blue
E D CYou know what to do
Get some
GWell I drove up north to heaven
DAnd I've learned from what I've seen
C A#If I had to do it over
F F# GThen I wouldn't change a thing
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