Longpigs – Over Our Bodies tab

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Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 16:13:00 +0000
From: "\"Mr Frederic F. MAQUET\" <\"Mr Frederic F. MAQUET\""
Subject: Tab: 'Over Our Bodies' by 'Longpigs'

"Over Our Bodies" -by the Longpigs (written by Hunt)
from the album "the sun is often out"

Tabbed by Frederic Maquet f.maquet@ic.ac.uk

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(including A dozen wicked words and others...)

Chords: (the usual...)
C  032010
Am x02210
Em 022000
F  133211
Bb x13331
G  320033
G# 466544

C	Am		Em	    F (same progression for each line)
Nobody matters and this is depressing me
I know a strange one could change all of this
But they two were lovers they
Carry each other and
Noone on earth could explain

Em (one strum)	F
She's found another
C		Am	      F		Fm
Some fool she claims who will love her, aw...

C 		Em
So come on and rain
F 		G
Take this and fall
C 		Em
Over our bodies
F 		G
Come on and rain

Bb Bb G G x2

[back to verse]

I count my losses
Cos all stars are horses and
How such a weak friend could soften her heart
But they two are lovers they carry each other
And noone earth could complain
She's found another
Some fool she claims who will love her

So come on and rain
Take this and fall
Over our bodies
Come on and rain
Come on and rain
Come on and rain
Take this and fall
Over our bodies
Come on and rain
Come on and rain
I shot myself down
I shot myself up
It tears me apart
She laps it all up
Glass bird on her finger
Wed eaten it all
It's all done with mirrors
It's all done before
And good comes from everything
Bob Dillians a christian

No one succeeded
	  Bb		   C
to pull a star out of the skies
The way you did
No proceeded of pulling
Lies out of their ass
C 	      Em
The way you did


Solo (two guitars, one plays chords, other, solo)
this is quite approximate and it varies each time he plays it.

C Em Fe:-12-12-12-12-12---------17/19--19p17-17-17-17---15h17-15h17-15h17|B:----------------13--12-------------------------------------------|G:-----------------------------------------------------------------|D:-----------------------------------------------------------------|A:-----------------------------------------------------------------|E:-----------------------------------------------------------------|
It's so wet and stretchy For him not for me now So give her her love Carry her up Paint her with flowers Fill her with fluff Hope you make her shine Hope she shines for you Where I failed myself If he loves you more Lyrics from the Longpigs homepage: http://www2.gol.com/users/quez/longpigs.html
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