Loozer – The Popular Girl tab

Band: Loozer
Song: "The Popular Girl"
Album: Pay No Attention To Authority
Hey, this song is from a small crappy punk band. But they're alright. 
This is one of their soft acoustic love songs. When playing this song, hit the 
chord three times and then a quick upstroke to downstroke played three times. 
It's played fairly quickly. So, hey, go easy on the comments. It's my first tab 
and their first single. But play the E chord six times and the A chord six times 
in between each line. By the way, the intro to the solo is also the intro to the song.
E AE--0--0---- B--0--2---- G--1--2---- D--2--2---- A--2--0---- E--0--0----
Verse 1 E A This is a letter to the one who was too good E A To the one who couldn't see me from where I stood E A I find life in your look and you look through me E A What does it take to make you see Verse 2 E What is right in front of you A What you tend to look right through E Maybe it's just useless talking A Or maybe it's time for me to start walking...away Verse 3 E A You don't see what you have 'till it's gone E A Through everything I tend to stay strong E A I'm not going to let you bring me down E A You need to add more to a friendship found Verse 4 E A You see me and you always say hi E A I seem to think you give me the flirty eye E A But you act the same with everyone else E A I start to wonder if I'm anything special...to you Chorus (Verse 5) E A Just because you're popular and I'm a geek E A Doesn't mean you need to act nice for a week E A I don't need your gossip or your good looks E A Just something special is all it would have took Verse 6 E A A friendship is great or do you want more E A Am I something you pick up at a second hand store E A I will break if you drop me on the floor E A Is it time for me to walk out that door Verse 7 E A My heart can also break, my heart will also ache E A If it is only lies, that I see in your eyes E A So when you look at me, What do you see E A No matter what I see,the popular girl doesn't see me Play solo after the 6 stanza. Play intro, then part 2(x1), then part 3 (x1) then part 2 (x1),then part 3 (x1) Then intro one more time
Solo:Intro to soloE-----------------------2-------2-------0-B-------0-------0---2-------2-------2-----G---1-------1---------2-------2-------2---D-----2-------2---0-------0-------0-------A-2-------2-------------------------------E-----------------------------------------
Part 2E--------------------------B------------1-----------1-G------2-----------2-------D--2-2---2-2---2-2---2-2---A--------------------------E--------------------------
Part 3E---------------------B-----------2-------2-G-----2-----------2---D-2-2---2-2---2-2-----A---------------------E---------------------
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