Lordi – Evilyn tab

This can be played in standard tuning or in drop D, only 1 drop D chord is needed. of the D* you can just play a normal D if you want to play standard tuning.D* = D----0--| A----0--| D----0--|
F = D-------| A----8--| D----10-| G----10-|
Intro (on Piano): G and D# Verse: G D# She cannot help herself, the voices tell her so. G D# All sinners go to hell, shes gotta help them go. Pre-chorus: C D# D She knows it, it aint just a fantasy, that drives her. C D# D* Deep in her, the killer, roams. Chorus: G B flat C D# F Evilyn you've gone too far, nothing saves your putrid heart. G B flat D# There's no room in heaven anymore. G B flat C D# F Evilyn you chose to fall, you shall fall forever more. G B flat G B flat C Evilyn youve gone too far cos your heart is made in hell. Repeats and then on the solo it is the same as the verse and pre-chorus: G-D# G-D# C-D#-D C-D#-D Then the solo ends and goes back to the chorus.
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