Lordi – Girls Go Chopping tab

Left handed
I have tabbed all of it except for the solo. Standard tuning.

Girls Go Chopping

F# = D-4   A = D-7   B = D-9   C = D-10   G = D-5   Bb(B flat) = D-8   E = D-2
     A-4       A-7      A-9      A-10      A-5                   A-8      A-2
     E-2       E-5      E-7      E-8       E-3                   E-6      E-0

Guitar fill 1 = G-4-----
Intro:D---4-797--9742-4-797-10-A---4-797--9742-4-797-10-E---2-575--7520-2-575-8--The chords are F#, A-B-A, A-B-F#-E, F#, A-B-A, C. Play this through four times into the verse.
Verse: F# (Guitar fill 1) Girls go chopping on the town, female madness all around A B C Beauties on a killing spree, dames of death walk on high heels F# (Guitar fill 1) Evil women psycho chicks, blood like lipstick on their lips A B C Mad, ferocious, feminine, such curvatious mean machines.
Pre Chorus: G F# B BbThey're rising at midnight, they reek of the grave E F# They'll pay back betrayal with rage!D-44------44------4-4-4A-44------44------4-4-4E-22222222222222222-2-2
Chorus: B G A Girls Go Chopping for reveeee-eeeenge B G A B A Retribution night, bring the axe down B G A Girls Go Chopping for reveeee-eeeenge B G A B A Blood will flow on sight, drowning our town. I can't play the solo but if it helps I can give you the first note: E B-15 (bend up LOADS) G Hope you enjoy this tab, Liam.
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