Loretta Lynn - They Dont Make Em Like My Daddy Anymore chords

Loretta Lynn

G I wasn't much more than a baby, I thought he was a bear,
DThe Way my Daddy carried me a round.
They said I learned to walk While holding on to just one finger,
GOn the hand of a man that's standin' six foot, three.
Not old enough to understand the meaning of depression:.
DJust somethin' people talk about a lot.
My Daddy wasn't one to try to make no big impression,
GJust one heck of a man that worked for what he'd got.
CThey don't make 'em like my Daddy any more.
G DGuess they've thrown away the pattern through the years.
And in the great big land of freedom, I know that we really need 'em:
GThey don't make 'em like my Daddy any more.
From the Johnson County court house To the hills of West Virginia,
DMy Daddy worked down in them dark cold mines.
Education didn't count so much as what you had for mem'u
GLike the will to live an' a dream of better times.
Daddy never took a hand out; we ate pinto beans and bacon,
DBut he worked to keep the wolf back from the d oor.
And it only proves one thing to me, When folks start bellyaching:
GThey don't make 'em like my Daddy any more.
Repeat Chorus
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