Los Campesinos - Letters From Me To Charlotte chords

Couldn't find a tab for this anywhere else on the internet. This is for the acoustic 
version on 'Alls Well that Ends'. Listen to the song for the strumming patterns / exact 
chord change timings.

Capo on the 1st fret

(not sure of the exact chord names)

FShe'd a bruise so black they watched it fade through the full spectrum of colours.
DmThey kept it like a pet; a private joke they told no others.
Dm F Dm FAnd how the tissue repaired, and how it turned to yellow
Dm F Dm FAnd she found it disgusting, 'cause it didn't match her clothing.
Dm F Dm FHe said "that's not yellow, it's golden".
First and Second Chorus:
Bb - Dm - Bb - F*Walk out onto your front lawn
Bb - Dm - Bband face into the rain,
Bb - Dm - Bb - F*Shout into the wind
Bb - Dm - Bbthis'll never be the same.
F* - Bsus2 Third and Fourth Chorus:
F9 C/F9 Bbsus2Walk out onto your front lawn
Fand face into the rain,
F9 C/F9Shout into the wind
Bbsus2 Fthis'll never be the same.
F - Bbsus2
---Chords---- F: f |-0--| C |-0--| G#|-7--| D#|-7--| A#|-9--| F |-0--|
Dm: f |-0--| C |-4--| G#|-7--| D#|-7--| A#|-5--| F |-x--|
Bb: f |-x--| C |-x--| G#|-2--| D#|-2--| A#|-0--| F |-x--|
F*: f |-x--| C |-x--| G#|-1--| D#|-2--| A#|-2--| F |-0--|
F9: f |-0--| C |-0--| G#|-9--| D#|-9--| A#|-7--| F |-9--|
C/F9: f |-0--| C |-0--| G#|-9--| D#|-9--| A#|-7--| F |-7--|
BbSus2: f |-x--| C |-x--| G#|-x--| D#|-9--| A#|-7--| F |-5--|
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