Los Halos – My Heart As An Arrow chords

My Heart As An Arrow
Written by Los Halos and Samezvous

Intro: C G F C F C Am G

C G F COh when I say I am looking for nothing
F CI'm looking for nothing
Am GAnd nothing I'll find
C G F CYou cannot forget if you cannot forgive
F C Am G C G F C F C Am GYou cannot forgive if you cannot untie
C G F COh and these walls they bring out the worst in me
F CThey bring out the worst
Am GIn all that is mine
C G F CIn all that lacks courage all is that is human
F C Am G C G F C F C Am GAll that is human and less than divine
C G F CWith hands that have made me and eyes that have seen me
F C Am GIn my only glory in my deepest sin
C G F CAnd fingers that touch not the skin which contains me
F C Am GBut only the heart of all I have been
C G F CBut witches of flesh and witches of spirit
F C Am GWitches of fire, water and rust
C G F CKeep all that is hidden and all that lies waiting
F C Am G C G F C F C Am GJust over the shoulder just under the dust
C G F CAnd the last time I noticed your hands were not bleeding
F C Am GYour hands were not bleeding, you were not alive
C G F CThough my eyes deceive me my heart was an arrow
F C Am G C G F C F C Am GMy heart was an arrow shot straight through the lights
Outro: C G F C F C Am G
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