Los Halos - My Heart As An Arrow tab

My Heart As An Arrow
From "For Ramona"
By "Los Halos"

band website: http://www.loshalos.com/

Note: My first ever tab, hope it works.

Intro 2 times (same as rest of song): E B A E A E C#m B

E        B        A            E
Oh and I say I am looking for nothing
      A           E          C#m          B
I am looking for nothing and nothing Iíll find
   E           B           A         E
You cannot forget if you cannot forgive
    A          E          C#m         B
You cannot forgive if you cannot untie

Oh and these walls they just bring out the worst in me
They bring out the worst in all that is mine
In all that lacks courage all is that is human
All that is human and less than divine

With hands that have made me and eyes that have seen me
In my only glory, in my deepest sin
And fingers that touch not the skin that contains me
But only the heart of all I have been
But which is of flesh and which is of spirit
Which is of fire, water and rust
Keep all that is hidden and all that lies waiting
Just over the shoulder, just under the dust

And the last time I noticed, your hands were not bleeding
Your hands were not bleeding you were not alive
Oh my eyes deceived me my heart was an arrow
My heart was an arrow shot straight through the light
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