Los Lobos – Be Still tab

Hi! I couldn't find this anywhere, so I was forced to fiure this out - it actually 
out pretty easy. The chorus is strange though, I didn't think my chords were right at first 
playing along they seem to fit.  This is my first tab I'm puttin up, I hope you like it!

Intro and Breaks:

C   G   C   G   F   C   G 
 F C   G   C   C  F C

C                       G
Let the calm, calm blue waters through
C                       G
Wash your soul, passing right through you
F                                 C
Like the smallest rose out of the hardest ground
       G                  F          C       G     C
Like a tiny hand reaching up for the sun

Let us hope that our hearts are one
The toughest love is the strongest one
Like a crippled man fights his bitter pain
On two tired legs that hope to walk once again
Just stay gold and be still

Am         Dm     Am         Dm
As we grow,     a river flows
Am                  Dm
Through our hearts
Am                G           C
Finding peace wherever it may go

Instrumental Break

Let pure, pure blue waters through
Don't let the wind take them away
From you, the littlest star
Shines in the darkest night
Like a mother's ache brings in a new life
Just stay gold and be still
Pray that we can stay gold and be still

Instr.  Outro

Ok - enjoy.  Email me at whim.band@gmail.com for complaints or compliments or possibly 
tab requests.  Or if you're on myspace myspace.com/whimband . Cheers
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