Lost Horizon – Denial Of Fate tab


D				D C
Tribunal of senseless rabble 

D					C C C
Built on fear and congruous prophesies 

Bb					C C C
Twisting minds with planned hypocrisy 

D					D C D
By the fools the clear're surrounded 

D					C C
Blind are deaf and deaf are blinded 

G		 F		 G
Grant themselves the dream of destiny 

F				      G
Eternal path has not been "meant" for thee 

The myth of fate you must tear by force 

D	Bb
Get away! 

F			   C	    D   Bb
Feel the taste of freedom, ride on wind 

F			       C	  D   Bb
Let your mind see things world never seen 

	G		       C	    D   Bb
As you weed your life from the hope of fate 

F		 G     
Find the way you shall within yourself
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