Lostprophets - Dstryr Dstryr tab

			    Dstryr Dstryr - Lostprophets
Tabbed by: Li4m4
Email: hodgson.l@hotmail.co.uk

Tuning: Drop D
Just the intro for now, if i get time at a later date all tab the rest of the song as 
i can. This is how i'd play the intro. I have most of the song worked out but i dont have 
lot of time. So more to come.

e|--------------------------------------------------------------xxxxx----------|B|--------------------------------------------------------------xxxxx----------|G|--------------------------------------------------------------xxxxx----------|D|-----3-------1------3--------1-------3---------1--------3-----xxxxx----------|A|--------------------------------------------------------------xxxxx----------|D|-1-3---1-1-3----1-3---1-1-3----1--3-----1-1-3------1-3--------xxxxx----------|Repeat minus the scratches at the end
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