Lotus – Umbilical Moonrise tab



now i recognize most of this song is pretty jammy,
but i'm just going to lay out the basic few riffs
that seem to show up more than once or twice, and
the rest of the song is just improvised in the same

also, most of these main riffs have effects over them,
mainly a whole lot of delay, which makes the parts
a bit hard to hear. the guitar is also played very
stop-start, meaning the guitarist doesn't let the
notes resonate for very long. he lets the delay act
as the resonating. so don't try and hold the notes
down for too long. you'll know what i mean if you
listen to the song.

i am 99% sure about this tab, and if you
have a correction, please feel free to
post it, and i will change if necessary.

listen for timing.

intro riff / right before main riffe-------------------------|b----12----15----13----15-|g-12----12----12----12----|d-------------------------|a-------------------------|e-------------------------|
main riffe----15----------------------|b----------15----13----12----|g-12----------14----14----12-|d-------12-------------------|a----------------------------|e----------------------------|
"wind-down" riff 1e----15~----------------|b--------15~-12h13~-12~-|g-12--------------------|d-----------------------|a-----------------------|e-----------------------|
"wind-down" riff 2 / pre-intro riffe--------------------------------------|b-------------12h13-/15~-13~-12h13p12~-|g-------12h14--------------------------|d-12h14--------------------------------|a--------------------------------------|e--------------------------------------|
and sometimes before they go intothe main riff, they play this:e--------------------|b-12h13~-12~---------|g------------14~-12~-|d--------------------|a--------------------|e--------------------|
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