Lou Barlow - Holding Back The Year chords

ARollin' from your brat sarcastic eye
AA California tear, a drop of gold
AMaybe you were cold, yeah, so was I
BmHoldin' back
E AHoldin' back the year
AThe year before the poison took its toll
AMade you paper thin, me- wrinkled, old
AEventually, yeah, finally it caught up
Bm E BmI held you back, grabbed you by the arm
E AI played upon your fear
F#m A#m E ARollin' down the window won't I
Bm F#m E AOrder up some breakfast if I can
BmHold me back
E BmHold me by the arm
E AWipe away my tear
Esus4Wipe away my tear
A Bm A E Bm E
AThe story ends with friends and early nights
A E AA kitten grown to cat and no more fight
AThis is how we stay together, love
BmHoldin' back
E AHoldin' back the year
BmHold me back
E BmGrab me by the arm
E Bm EWhisper in my ear
AHoldin' back the year
Bm F#m E A
AHoldin' back the year
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