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Lou Reed – Goodnight Ladies chords

Lou Reed - Goodnight Ladies


Bb EbGoodnight ladies, ladies goodnight
F Bb G Eb FIt's time to say goodbye... let me tell you, now
Bb EbGoodnight ladies, ladies goodnight
F Bb (/B)It's time to say goodbye
Cm F Bb Now, all night long you've been drinking your tequilla
Cm F Bb But now you've sucked your lemon peel dry,
GSo why not get high, high, high
Eb F Bb G Eb FAnd good night ladies, ladies goodnight
Goodnight ladies, ah, ladies goodnight It's time to say goodbye Goodnight sweet ladies, oh, ladies goodnight It's time to say goodbye, bye-bye Ah, we've been together for the longest time But now it's time to get high Come on, let's get high, high, high And goodnight ladies, ladies goodnight
Bb C7Oh, I'm still missing my other half
Eb BbOh, it must be something I did in the past
Eb Bb GDon't it just make you wanna laugh
C7 FIt's a lonely Saturday night
Oh, nobody calls me on the telephone I put another record on my stereo But I'm still singing a song of you
C7 F Bb AIt's a lonely Saturday night
Dm ANow, if I was an actor, or a dancer who is glamorous
Dm / / A/D / / Dm / A/D / Dm / /Then, you know, amorous life would soon be mine
GBut now the tinsel light of star break
G7Is all that's left to applaud my heart break
Cm FAnd eleven o'clock I watch the network news
Bb C7Oh, woh, woh, something tells me that you're really gone
Eb Bb You said we could be friends, but that's not what I want
Eb Bb GAh, anyway, my TV-dinner's almost done
C7 F BbIt's a lonely Saturday night
G C7 F BbI mean to tell you, it's a lonely Saturday night
G C7 F BbOne more word, it's a lonely Saturday night
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