Lou Reed - Dirty Blvd tab

			    Dirty Blvd. - Lou Reed
this is my first tab im not 100% sure of it but this sounds about right to me

Tabbed by:Aidan Volkofsky

Tuning:Standard EADGBe
| x  Mute note

Verse G D A De|---|----------| X2 |-----------| X10B|---|-3-3-2--3-| |-3-3--2-03-|G|---|-0-2-2--2-| |-0-2--2--2-|D|---|----------| |-----------| A|---|----------| |-----------|E|--3|----------| |-----------|
Chorus G D A D (strum hard)e|--3-3-0-2-0-----0-2-0-| X3 e|--3x3x3x2x-------2-|B|--3-3-0-3-0---2-0-3-0-| B|--3x3x3x3x---22--3-|G|--0-0-0-2-0---2-0-2-0-| G|--0x0x0x2x---22--2-|D|--0-0-0-------2-0-----| D|--0x0x0------22----|A|--2-2-0---------------| A|--2x2x2------------|E|--3-3-0---------------| E|--3x3x3------------|
I think thats it Thier is another guitar that plays during the verse
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