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Loudest Whisper – The Wheel Of Life tab

The picking pattern in this song can be a bit of a tongue twister at times. It's 
pretty easy to hear but less easy to play.

I use my thumb on low E and D, index on G, middle on B, and ring on high E.

VERSE I: Em C Silently the wheel of life keeps on turning Em C Within our hearts it's flame forever is burning Em D So, we dance the whole day long, C G sing our sad and lonely song Em D A thousand years have come and gone C G Oh, sad is our day D C G Em VERSE II: Long ago in times now almost forgotten our destiny of song and dance was begotten So, we're waiting for the day when someone will come to play and sing and dance their lives away Oh, sad is our day song can be heard @ LOUDEST_WHISPER_-_The_Children_Of_Lir_%281974%29/18._The_Wheel_Of_Life_%28Demo%29/
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