Loudon Wainwright Iii – Homeless chords

Homeless - Loudon Wainwright

Capo 2 - written relative to capo

* = Barchord

E AWhen you were alive, I was never alone
ESomewhere in the world, there was something called home
EAnd as long as you lived, I would be allright
A EThere were reasons to win, and incentives to fight
A* ENow I'm smoking again. I thought all that was through
Fm#* A* B*And I don't wanna live. But what else can I do
E AAnd I feel like I've faked all that I ever did
EAnd I've grown a gray beard, but I cry like a kid
E AI was seven when I sang you'd rosin the bow
EThere in Aunt Mary's kitchen and I don't guess I know
E AThat it's why I've done this for all of this time
EBut now I'm playing and singing, seems a game or a crime
A* EPeople have called to find out if I'm fine
Fm#* A* B* I assure them I am. But I'm not - it's a lie
E AThey say in the end, your good friends pull you through
EBut everyone knows, my best friend was you.
E AHey, I've gotten some help. I guess I was afraid
EYou suppose something will happen when someone is paid
ABut I am getting better once again I'll be strong
EAfter all, listen, I'm singing this song
A*When you were alive I was never alone
B* A* ESomewhere in the world there was something called home
E ANow I feel like I'm homeless but I will be alright
EI'll get through the days. I'll face-down the night.
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