Loudon Wainwright Iii - You Cant Fail Me Now tab

DK. . Loudon Wainwright III ..Strange Weirdos - Music from and Inspired By the Film 
Up". . May 2007
played on album in C with Capo on 2nd fret.
[C]   [C]
[C]I know that fan is moving [Am]air,
[Em]I can see it [G]in your hair,
But [Dm]I can't bear to [F]breathe it in some[Am]how,
..I'll rise and [Dm]fall with you
[F]'Cause you can't fail me [C]now,
..I'll rise and [Dm]fall with you
[F]'Cause you can't fail me [C]now.[C]
[C]The salt is sweet u[Am]pon my mouth,
[Em]Dark throws sparks a[G]gainst my house,
The [Dm]stain of love's a [F]smudge upon my [Am]brow,[Am]
[Dm]But you see through me,
[F]And you can't fail me [C]now.[C]
[Dm]You see right through me
[F]And you can't fail me [C]now.[C]
[C]I've bit off more than [Am]I can chew,
[Em]It's something that I [G]tend to do
When [Dm]fewer words are [F]what we need, and [Am]how.[Am]
[Dm]You bite my tongue
And [F]you can't fail me [C]now,[C]
[Dm]I ran to the rail,
And [F]you can't fail me [C]now.[C]
SOLO;  C// Am// Em// G// Dm// F// Am////
Dm// F// Am//// Dm// F// C//// C////
[F]I've lost the thread a[G]mong the vines,
And [C]hung myself in [Am]story lines,
[F]That tell the tales I never would a[C]llow.
God [F]knows the name of [G]every bird,
[C]That fills my mind like [Am]angry words,
[F]But you know all my secret heart a[G]vows…….
[C]We're taught to love the [Am]worst of us,
[Em]And mercy more than [G]life but trust me
[Dm]Mercy's just a warning [F]shot across the [Am]bow,[Am]
[Dm]I live for yours
[F]And you can't fail me [C]now,
[Dm]I live for your mercy...[F][C]

[Em]You can't fail me [Am]now,[Am]
[F]You can't [G]fail me [C]now.
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