Louis Armstrong - Basin Street Blues chords

Basin Street Blues
Words & Music by Spencer Williams, 1926
Recorded by Louis Armstrong, 1928

G7 C G7 Cdim C C Dm7 Cdim C Won't you come along with me
C Dm7 C7 G7+5 C Bb G7+5Down that Mis - sis - sip - pi;
C C7 F FmWe'll take a boat to the land of dreams,
C G/B Am7 Bb9 G7 C GSteam down the river down to New Orleans.
C G7 Cdim C C Dm7 Cdim CThe band's there to greet us,
C C7 G7 G7+5 C Bb G7+5Old friends will meet us,
C C7 F FmWhere all people like to meet
C C/B Am7 Am7/G G7 C G7Heaven on earth, they call it Basin Street
C C/B E7Basin Street is the street
A7 A7/9 A A7 Where the elite always meet --
D Am7 D9 G7In New Orleans, land of dreams
C9 C CM7 CdimYou'll never know how nice it seems
Dm7 Em7 F7 G7Or just how much it really means.
C C/B E7Glad to be, yessiree,
A7 A7/9 A A7Where welcomes free, dear to me,
F Dm7 G7 G7/6 G7 G7/6 C C F Fm Bb9 CWhere I can lose my Ba - sin Street Blues.
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