La Vie En Rose chords ver. 3 with lyrics by Louis Armstrong - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Louis Armstrong – La Vie En Rose chords ver. 3

La vie en rose-Louis Armstrong

D Dmaj7Hold me close and hold me fast
EmThe magic spell you cast
Em7-A7This is la vie en rose
Em A7When you kiss me, heaven sighs
EmAnd though I close my eyes,
Em7-A7I see la vie en rose
D Dmaj7When you press me to your heart
EmI'm in a world apart
DA world where roses bloom
GmAnd when you speak,
DAngels sing from above
E7 AEveryday words seem to turn
A7Into love songs
D Dmaj7Give your heart and soul to me
EmAnd life will always be
A7 DLa vie en rose
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