Love Apple - Letters tab

Band: Love apple
Song: Letters

This is my second attemp tabbing this great song.

I know things are getting better,
I'm tired, sick of writing letters,
I know its only the beginning,
I know this shit (verse?) is never ending, woooooooo

You wont see me when I'm trying,
And my feelings are diing,
Im so sick of seeing my heart dieiiiing dieeing dieiing

end of verse: Bb5, A5 repeat Chorus: F5, C5, Bb5 (,A5,Bb5) mini-solo-intro-thing:
........... Old tab:
Chorus: G5 E5 C5 You wont see me when I'm trying... this is prob. my favorite love apple song. Rock most on! Btw, I'm the person who tried to tab "winnie cooper" too. ---------------------------------- "Hi mom!" -
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