Love Is All – A More Uncertain Future chords

Left handed
Album: A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night
Year: 2009

Awesome duet. Originallly performed by Josephine Olauson and Nicolhaus Sparding. 
in the final part two different people should be singing to get this song right.

G, Em, G, Em, Am, Am, C, C

G EmBaby, I just got your message
GI heard youre feeling restless
Emneeding new adventuress
Da more uncertain future
Gthis time cut me out
AmIm better off without
your doubts
Cfor now
G EmListen, I dont want to argue
GI just cant stand
Emgot this constant ancious brain
DCant seem to stay put
GI need some more new tricks
Amget bored so very quick
Ammust be better somewhere
Cmust be something out there
some where, some thing, some one G, Em, G, Em, Am, Am, C, C
G EmI put all your things in boxes
GI placed them in the attic
EmI know it might seem drastic
Dbut surely felt fantastic
Gput your life away
Amput the memories away
Im starting a new day
Cat last
CBaby please come with me
DIve had enough of fantasy
Gbut maybe if I promise you
Ema promise is enough for you
CIll be back
I wont wait
DIve lost my track
Its far too late
Gwell I think theres a room for plenty more
Em CWe dont need each other any more
] Repeat that 3 times D G, Em, G, Em, Am, Am, C, C
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