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Love Spit Love - Half A Life
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This song is from Love Spit Love's 1994, self-titled release.
Key: E Major
Time signature: 4/4
Guitar 1 plays the noted chords, and guitar 2 plays a figure in E Major
that I am still trying to get.

Intro: E - B (X2)

Verse 1:    E                              B                               E
               Cars move slowly down where you walk, and the cool, blue cars 
		Where the world gets older. And 
                A                                B                           A
	      I hear their lies blowing through my teeth. And at my back I can
		Feel you breathe.

Verse 2:     E                                B                              E      
	     Talk is cheap, like when money talks, and you sound too much like 
		you've seen it all. 
	            A                                    B                  A      
	      And I fall down drunk with my eyes so tired on my clean, white 
		sheets. And my eyes go blind.
Chorus:                E              B
	      And I have to be you.
                            E             B
	      And I have to be you.
                              A                        B
	      There for no one, there for change,
                              A                      B
	      No good reason, no one cares. Half a life.

Break: E - B (X2) - A - B (X2)

Verse 1


Outro: E - B (X2) - A - B (X2)
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