Lovedrug - Happy Apple Poison tab

 -acoustic or clean electric

part 1 |---------------------------------------| |---||---------------------------------------| |---| (repeat part one 4 times|-----2---2-1---1---------4---4-2---2-1-| |---| then end on the low note)|---------------------------------------| |---||---------------------------------------| |---||-2-----2-----1------2/4----4-----2-----| |-2-|
-after "the sun will shine upon you"(but not on all the others) part 2 |----------------| |--------------------------------| |-2-x-2---2-x-2--| |--2-x-2---1-x-1---4-x-4---2-x-2-| |-2-x-2---2-x-2--| |--2-x-2---1-x-1---4-x-4---2-x-2-| (then do part |-4-x-4---4-x-4--| |--4-x-4---3-x-3---6-x-6---4-x-4-| one twice |-4-x-4---4-x-4--| |--4-x-4---3-x-3---6-x-6---4-x-4-| and repeat |-2-x-2---2-x-2--| |--2-x-2---1-x-1---4-x-4---2-x-2-|part 2 twice)
"you were born to make me die" part 3 |------------------| |------------------| |-6-6-6-6-8-8-8-8--| |-7-7-7-7-9-9-9-9--| |-7-7-7-7-9-9-9-9--| |------------------|
-this next part i cant quite figure out... its somethin like this...-
part 4"you are"..."final word"..."you are"..."proud another"|---------------------------------------------| *i know this is probly wrong, |---------------------------------------------| but as far as i know, it the|-9\---------7\-------------9\---------11\----| only happy apple poison tab |-9-\x8------9-\x8----------9-\x8------11-\x8-| out there*|-7-/--------9-/------------7-/--------9--/---||-7/---------7/-------------7/---------9-/----| (do part four four times)
part 1 x 4 part 3 part 4 x 2 maybe i'll figure out the bridge later sorry for the imperfections but its better than nothing :)
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