Low - Like A Forest chords

Like A Forest (Alan Sparhawk, Mimi Parker, Zak Sally)
Things We Lost In The Fire (2004)

Eb Tuning (Half-Step Down) 

Chord Bank:
A     (x02220) or (577655)
Asus4 (x02230) or (575755)
F#m   (244222)
F#m6  (244232)
F     (133211)
F6    (131231)
E     (022100)
D     (xx0232) or (x57775)
Dm    (xx0231) or (x57765)

Intro: A-Asus4-A

A Asus4 ABlack, like a forest
F#m F#m6 F#mStill, like a lion
F F6 FMy knees are bended
EWe used to speak a different language
A Asus4 A I wasted my breath
F#m F#m6 F#mOur words soon forgotten
F F6 FLeft unattended
EThey're moving their feet, but no one's dancing
F#mTake your time
ETake your time
A Asus4 AHow can I blame you
F#m F#m6 F#mFor all of the screaming
F F6 FThat I've had to turn to
EJust in time to go off in my hands?
(no lyrics, just "ah-ah"'s) A-Asus4-A F#m-F#m6-F#m F-F6-F E End on A.
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