Low – Down tab

Low – Down (I Could Live In Hope [1994])

Tuning: DGDGAD

Chords: Ebmaj7: 001010 Dsus: 020200 Gmin: x00010 Gsus: x00000

This song revolves primarily around an arpeggio/motif type thing that alternates between
the Ebmaj7 and Dsus chords. This pattern is repeated (probably with some minor
alterations that don’t really matter) throughout both the verses (‘I guess the secret’s
out...’ etc.) and the choruses (‘Out of control...’). A build up occurs at 2:05 which is
just a
crescendo strummed on Gmin which then decrescendos into Gsus and then fades into an
improvised solo which I’m not going to tab. The same build up occurs again at 4:28, fading
again into a solo which is played until the end of the song (build up occurs again at 
6:22). Refer to track for rhythm/timing etc. Be sure to use a shitload of reverb to get the
tone right.


Just for the heck of it, I’ve also tabbed the bass-line for this song:
Build up:
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