Low - Death Of A Salesman tab

LOW - Death of a Salesman (Transcription by Hanoihancock)

DGDGAD (Same as Open G but the 5th string is an A)

Repeat this pattern six times
D |--2----2----|--4----6----|--7----2----|--2----||A |--4----2----|--4----7----|--9----4----|--2----||G |--2----4----|--6----6----|--7----2----|--4----||D |--2----2----|--4----6----|--7----2----|--2----||X6G |--2----4----|--6----6----|--7----2----|--4----||D |--X----2----|--4----X----|--X----X----|--2----||
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