Lower Than Atlantis – Far Q tab

If i figure the rest of this out, i'll post it, or indeed if anyone else does, tell me 
i'll add bits.

Great band, great song. changed a lot over the years, i've got a lot of time for these guys.

Its not everyones cup of tea but i know a fair bit about their gear as well..
Mike - tom delounge custom strat (the one with the seymore duncan invader)
     - Orange rockerverb + matching 412 (with just mid on 10 or something like that, 
tone but fits)
Ben - Fender tele 72 deluxe/ Tom delonge strat again
    - Orange rockerverb + matching 412
(and if anyone reading this cares about bass)
Benny - Fender jazz - orange AD200B + matching 810

Im not going to explain the rythems, use your ears, same goes for the bending parts on 
first chord (Cb^C).

Mute all the other strings unless otherwise stated

Drop D

Guitar 1:e--------------------------------------|B--------------------------------------|G--44-44-44-4-^2-^2-^2-^2--------------|D---------------------------x12--------|A--22-22-22-2-^4-^4-^4-^4--------------|D--------------------------------------|
Guitar 2: (after 8 bars)e-------------------------------------|B---0-0-0--2------2-20-----0-00---2~--|G---4-4-4--2~-----2-24-----5-54---2~--|D---0-0-0--2~-----2-20-----0-00---2~--|A---2-2-2--0~-----0-02-----5-50---0~--|D-------------------------------------|
Both Guitarse-------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------|G--99--10-10--9--7--10-10--9--7--4~---|D-------------------------------------|A--77--8--8---7--5--8--8---7--5--2~---|D-------------------------------------|
Thats all i've got for now, anyone else know it, feel free to input on my output. Safe x
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