Lower Than Atlantis - Motorway Of Life tab

Lower Than Atlantis
(motor) way of life
World record,

this is my first tab that isn't a guitar pro, so gimme a break if its bad, when there 
are chords rather than lead parts, i'll just write out the

chord shapes and you can work out the timing :)



D|--------|A|--------|F|----7---| repeat this until...c|----x---|G|----5---|C|----0---|
intro main break chords (figure out the timing and the amount of repeats etc)
D|----------- --0--|A|----------- --0--|F|-7--7--12-- these same chords are repeat in the --7--|C|-4--5--12-- next section but played with open notes --4--|G|-5--5--10-- on top like this ---------------------> --5--|C|-4--5--10-- --4--|
Verse lead riff 1st half 2nd half(1) D|-----------|-----------| repeat first half at the beginning of every part but
replace second half with this..A|-----------|-----------| (number in brackets represents what time its played on)F|-----------|-----------|C|----5--5h4-|-----------|G|--5---5----|----5----5-|C|-0---------|-4-4--2-2--|
(2)(4) (3)D|------------|-----------|A|------------|-----------|F|------------|-----------|c|------------|-----------|G|-4-45-2-2-5-|----5----5-|C|------------|-3-3--2-2--|
Chorus chords (BRIDGE AS WELL)
that's pretty much it; there are little filler chords but they're really easy to figure out :) HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND :D
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