Lowest Of The Low - St Brendans Way chords

Song: St. Brendan's Way
Artist: Lowest of the Low

Chords:   D      xx0232
          A      xx2220
          G      320003
          Bm     224432
          Em     022000

[Intro]D A G A DE--------------------------------------------------------9-10-------------|B----7-7-7-----------------------7-7h8-10-8-7-----8-8h10------------------|G--7-------7-7-----------6-7---7----------------7-------------------------|D--------------7-6-5-5h7----------------------7---------------------------|A-------------------------------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
[Verse 1]
D A G A D Our fortunes are fleeting and our passage in steer, and God knows if I'll
A G A D Bm A G A perish in my 25th year. In this ship full of scurvy with my bride in my
D A G A Dhand. But I shall kiss her tenderly in the great Newfoundland.
Bm A G Bm A G Bm A G A DAnd it's love that we follow today if we dare follow St. Brendan's Way
{Along with chords in chorus}E--------------------3-2-0-------------------3-2-0-------------------3-2-0|B------3-----3-----3-----------3-----3-----3-----------3-----3-----3------|G----4-----4-----4-----------4-----4-----4-----------4-----4-----4--------|D--4-----2-----4-----------4-----2-----4-----------4-----2-----4----------|A-------------------------------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
[Verse 2] Our fathers were tillers and our mothers knew chance, and we've tasted hunger in Ireland and France. And these seeds of misfortune, St. Bartholemew's Day, shall be drowned in the new world chosen St Brendan's way. [Chorus]
Bm A GAnd it's hope...
Em G Bm A Em G AThere's a light shining down on you tonight. A siren call, a harbour town, a
northern light.
[Solo - replay intro, and add...]E------------5------------------------------------------------------------|B--------------8-7-7-5-3--------------------------------------------------|G--6-7-9-7-6-------------7-7-9-7-6-7-7-7-7-9-7-6-6-6s4-4-4s2-02-----------|D-------------------------------------------------------------------------|A-------------------------------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
[Verse 3] A curse on the Union Jack, on it's empire and lance. And I'll piss on the troubled head of King Charles in France. But that's all behind us now, a thousand miles away. And nothing can match the beauty in the sight of Gaspé. [Chorus]
Bm A GAnd it's hope...
[Verse 4] There's salt on your naked skin and there's salt in my tears, and without you I'd pass away under these privateers. But that baby inside you is the work of our hand, a child of the revolution and a free thinking man. [Chorus]
Bm A GAnd it's love...
[Outro is the same as the picking notes in chorus]
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