Kiss The Bottle tab with lyrics by Lucero - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Lucero – Kiss The Bottle tab

			     KISS THE BOTTLE - Lucero

Tabbed by: Adam Koehler

Tuning: Standard [EADGBe]

This is my first tab so please email me any corrections or if you need help. Leave 
too. peace out. I just updated it so now it's better than ever!

Guitar 1: Intro/ Choruse|------------------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------0------------------------0------------|G|---2hp---2hp---2hp--------2hp---2hp---2hp----2----2bp0------|D|------------------------------------------------------------|A|------------------------3-----3-----3-----3-----------------|E|-3-----3-----3-----3----------------------------------------|
Guitar 2: (plays end of 1st and all of 2nd time through intro with guitar 1 with a capo the two. He plays the chords postions below but instead of playing the chord, he picks the a string down to the high e and then the b string.) so a d chord would be as follows:e|------------------2---------|a|--------------3-------3-----|G|----------2-----------------|D|------0---------------------|A|---0------------------------|E|----------------------------|
Guitar 3: (He just strums these with a capo on the 2, sometimes he doesn't when he plays it live) g em it gets lonliest at night d down at the liquor store c beneath the neon sky our moonlight g em six a.m. the floor comes alive with lice d the pans dried up so tight c with hardened beans g f# were hungry em d so i lean on you sometimes c just to see youre still there g em youre feet cant take the weight of one d much less two c we hit concrete em g c how were we born into this mess em g a c i know i painted you a prettier picture,baby em g c but we were run out on a rail em g a c fell from the wagon to the night train CHORUS PLAY 4X . i kissed the bottle i should 've been kissing you you wake up to an empty night with tears for two g em cigarettes they fill the gaps d in our empty days c in our broken teeth g em say mister, can you spare a dime d some change could make a change c could buy some time g f# some freedom em d or an ear to hear my story c it's all i've got g em my fiction beats the hell out of my truth d a palm upturned burnt blue c dont call it sunburn em g c you've been shaking on the job g a em c just one drink ahead of your past em g c there's a white light coming up g a em c you draw the blinds hoping it'll pass
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